Basketball Game Totals Betting

One of the most popular bets you can make in the NBA or college basketball is game totals, or over/under betting. Many basketball bettors like these bets as there semi-easy to predict. You’re not going to be able to win every bet you make, but when you’re betting on game totals you should be winning a high percentage of your wagers. You need to analyze certain factors in order to justify making a game total bet, and we’re going to look at those factors right now.

    • You should check the game totals from the previous ten games that the team has played. Make sure you don’t just check one team, but check both teams that are playing. If they both have a high percentage of games going over the game total then you most likely want to bet on the over for this game and vice versa.

    • View the final scores from the past ten games of both teams to see how many points they have been averaging over there past few games. This can help show you when a team is either having no problem scoring or struggling scoring and should help you find some bets to make. It’s also wise to check past just the previous ten games because the more information you have the better off you’ll do.

When you’re analyzing stats and past data from the NBA and college basketball, you always need to check both teams out for the given game you’re thinking of betting on. The reason being is just because one team has great scoring the other team might be brutal thus making an over/under bet difficult. You need to find two teams who are having no troubles scoring or two teams who are both struggling to put points on the board. These are the games you want to bet on and you shouldn’t bet on any close games. If you can’t find a good game to bet on the game total for a given night then find another bet to make and don’t just bet because you feel obligated too or because you’re too impatient.

Game Total Betting System

There has been a simple betting system which bettors have been using with success for years now and although you’re not going to win much you should win some profit over the year. The bet is simple and you don’t need to do any research or anything. The system is to simply look at the basketball games for that night and choosing the game with the lowest game total and picking under on that game. There must be four games on the same day for this system to see the best results.

Generally the public loses and that’s why sportsbooks are still in business nowadays. When you bet on the under you’re usually going against the public bet which usually turns out to be profitable over the long run. You’re not going to be guaranteed any profit by using this system, but many people have been using it over the past dozen basketball seasons and people wouldn’t still be doing it unless it was making them some money. To give this system a shot, click on the link below to visit bodog sportsbook.