Basketball Point Buying

Most of the online basketball sportsbooks out there will let you buy points on the point spread of games and on the game totals. Buying points has been a hugely talked about topic amongst basketball bettors and many people have there own opinions about the topic. I personally never recommend anyone to buy points in a basketball game for several reasons which we’re going to look at in this article, but first I’ll teach you what point buying is for those of you who don’t yet know.

What Is Point Buying

When you buy points on a basketball game you can buy the points for the favourite or underdog and you can buy points to make the game total lower as well. The most amount of points you can buy in a game is 2 points and the points are bought in .5 increments. I know lots of you are visual learners so we’re going to look at an example quickly to show you what I mean.

Toronto Raptors vs. Los Angeles Lakers with a point spread of -7 for the Raptors and game total of 200.

If you wanted to pick the Raptors at -7 for -110 odds then you could, but if you wanted to lower the amount they needed to win by then you’d need to buy points. Each .5 point that you want to buy will cost you another 10% juice. So if you wanted to make the point spread -6.5 you’d need to wager -120 instead of the -110 which it started at. If you wanted to move the spread down to -5 then you’d need to risk -150 instead of risking -110 on the 7 point spread.

Point buying is also only for full games and you can’t buy points when wagering on quarter or half lines.

Why I Don’t Recommend Buying Points

There are several reasons why I don’t like buying points and the first one if simply because you need to risk too much juice for a small advantage. On -110 odds if you want to buy 2 points in your favour it’s going to bump your wager up to -150 odds. The two points in basketball is definitely not worth the extra amount of juice you need to lay. If you think the Raptors are going to win you’d be best off laying your money on the 7 points at -110.

Basketball points are scored quickly and you’re not going to benefit from buying 2 points. If the Raptors are going to win by 5 points they’ll generally win by 7 points anyways so there is no reason for risking the extra juice. If you don’t think they’ll win by 7 points then just take the Lakers in this example at -110 not to lose by 7 points or more.

The only sport I can think of where buying points is beneficial to you and worth paying the extra juice is the NFL and only on certain occasions. If the spread is -7.5 for instance then you might want to buy a point and make it a -6.5 spread which is a single touchdown. The same would go for a -3.5 spread, you’d want to buy a full point and knock the spread down to a manageable field goal rather then the -3.5.