NBA Betting System

There are lots of NBA betting systems and strategies in sports betting and some have been known to do well whereas others have done terrible. A lot of bettors aren’t strong believers in systems although I think that any system that works is worth looking at and analyzing in case there is money to be made. I have an NBA betting system which has been used by countless bettors already and has turned a profit over the past couple seasons.

The NBA betting system which I’m going to reveal to you will take some time to figure out, but once you have learnt all the factors it shouldn’t take very long everyday to see if there are any good NBA games to bet on. Another key note is that this system can’t be used in the beginning of the NBA Season and you need to wait until each team has played there first twenty games. After each team has played twenty games you’ll be able to start utilizing this system to see if it makes you money.

On the days you would like to use this NBA betting system you’re going to need to get a newspaper or go online and view the winning percentages of each team. Once you have compiled the winning percentages of every team you’ll be able to start working out the calculations to see if there are any games worth betting on for the given day.

Once you have the winning percentages written down you need to analyze the games. For instance, if the Toronto Raptors are playing the Los Angeles Lakers and Toronto has a .700 winning percentage while the Lakers have a .300 winning percentage. You need to find the difference between the two winning percentages so in this example the difference is 400.

Now that you have the difference between the two teams winning percentage you need to divide the number by 20. In our example 400 divided by 20 is 20. This would mean that the Toronto Raptors should be at a 20 point favourite right now. From this point you need to either add 3 or subtract 3 from the point spread of the Raptors based on whether there the home team or away team. If there home you’d add 3 points which would make the Raptors a 23 point favourite and if there on the road you’d subtract 3 which would make the Raptors a 17 point favourite.

Once you have this spread figure out you need to look at the actual spread of the game and if there is a difference of 10 or more you’re solid. So in our example where we have the Raptors as a 23 point favourite at home and a 17 point favourite on the road you’d need to do the following. If for example the Raptors are the home team you’d take 23 and subtract the point spread from the number. If there is a 10 point difference the Raptors are a good bet. So for our example if the point spread for the Raptors is 10 you’d take 23 and take away 10 which leaves 13. This would mean the Raptors are a good bet.

There are also a couple qualifiers which need to be met before doing the calculations in order for this system to show the true results.

• Can’t be the second of a back-to-back game

• The team can’t have an injured starting player

• You can’t use any 10 point or plus spreads

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