NBA Future Bets

Future bets are very unlikely to come through, but when they do they will give you one very nice payday that you probably won’t forget about anytime in the near future. The most common futures bet is who will win the championship of a given league and the same goes in basketball. You can bet on who you think will win the NBA championship every year, but you don’t have the entire season to make your bet. On most sportsbooks you’ll be given until sometime in January to make your futures bet which allows for you to see how the teams do in the early part of the season.

You still have a little bit of time to get your NBA future bets in on most online sportsbooks. Bodog Sportsbook will allow you to make your bet up until the last day of January so you still have just under three weeks to pick who you think will win the NBA Championship this season.

Odds will vary depending on which sportsbook you use for your betting, but I’ve compiled the odds from the Bodog Basketball Sportsbook website for this season. Take a look below at the odds that some teams are paying, as you can see the payout can be massive if you get lucky. I don’t recommend betting too much on a futures bet, but I do suggest betting $20-$100 depending on your bankroll on a team. If you happen to get lucky and the team you pick wins the championship then you’ll win a good sum of money.

    • Los Angeles Lakers - +225
    • Boston Celtics - +240
    • Cleveland Cavaliers - +500
    • Houston Rockets - +1200
    • New Orleans Hornets - +1400
    • Detroit Pistons - +1400
    • San Antonio Spurs - +1400
    • Orlando Magic - +1400
    • Utah Jazz - +1600
    • Phoenix Suns - +2000
    • Portland Trailblazers - +2500
    • Denver Nuggets - +3000
    • Dallas Mavericks - +4000
    • Toronto Raptors - +5000
    • Atlanta Hawks - +5000
    • Miami Heat - +5000
    • Philadelphia 76er’s - +8000
    • Chicago Bulls - +8000
    • Indiana Pacers - +10000
    • New York Knicks - +10000
    • Golden State Warriors - +15000
    • New Jersey Nets - +15000
    • Washington Wizards - +20000
    • Los Angeles Clippers - +20000
    • Charlotte Bobcats - +25000
    • Milwaukee Bucks - +25000
    • Minnesota Timberwolves - +40000
    • Sacramento Kings - +40000
    • Memphis Grizzlies - +40000
    • Oklahoma City Thunder - +40000

One more thing I would like to point out quickly is that betting on the top 3 teams on the list isn’t really worth it. I’ve seen underdogs pay as much for one game as the top three teams on this list is paying to win the NBA Championship, so I don’t suggest betting on them. The idea behind wagering on a future bet is to win big money. Your money is going to be tied up in the wager for a few months so there is no point only winning $50-$100 over a few months. Pick one of the higher paying teams and hope you get lucky and your team turns the heat on for the playoffs.